Case: Expert View

Jarkko Vepsäläinen Enhances Brand Insight with InsightsAtlas

“We’ve had a great cooperation with InsightsAtlas. I was looking for a service that could realize and implement the insights of social media from the point of view of business. I feel their service has clearly been the best one offered on the market. InsightsAtlas was the only one that was able to execute the task and analyze the data properly. Quality-wise, the service is superb, it frees resources, which enables me to do a better work for my clients.”

Jarkko Vepsäläinen, Head of Strategy, Sitrus

Situation Overview

Jarkko Vepsäläinen, currently working as a Head of Strategy at Sitrus in Finland, has a strong track record within digital marketing and social media. He has a broad understanding for not only the complex and ever changing world of media, but also great knowledge and expertise for building brands and their marketing strategies.

“He considers social media to be the pulse of the brand”

According to Jarkko, social media is not only a channel, but also a business tool. It guides him in his work, and he considers social media to be the pulse of the brand. The power has been shifted to the people, and social media is one reason to it. People can express their opinions and take a stand, and things will spread in real-time. In one way, the consumer now owns the brand. Social media enables dialogue, and every company needs dialogue with its customers, because without it, it has no effect. What is also important is to keep a dialogue with the right customers, as in the right target group.

The Challenge

Jarkko is speaking of companies and their social media efforts. How to effectively communicate with your customers? What kind of content really matters? How will you know how much influence your messages have? Who should you direct these messages to, what is your right audience? A brand doesn’t necessarily know what’s wrong, at least not from the customers’ point of view. Therefore, these questions needed to be solved.

He also brings up the qualitative dimension of measuring data related to social media. How to get a complete overview of the data? When it comes to measuring, it’s vital that the quality is as good as possible. His primary challenge used to be the high quality that was lacking. Data couldn’t be successfully measured due to different severe issues, such as poor detection of sarcasm, image content and different languages – things that a computer cannot understand well enough.

“Not everything must be analyzed, only the data that is relevant for the business“

The Solution

With the help of our social media analytics, Jarkko has been able to help his customers with their branding and social media presence in many ways. While InsightsAtlas has conducted the analysis and measurement of the earned media, he has been able to focus on the big picture.

InsightsAtlas service has been used for different purposes, e.g. continuous brand analysis, trend spotting as well as competitor analysis. Campaign tracking has been one of the constantly ongoing things in order to see how different campaigns affect the brand and what is their overall impact; are the marketing efforts producing the results they’re supposed to? Jarkko emphasizes, that through high-quality analysis, it’s possible to follow the curve of social media, which helps in identifying the things that must be fostered for the sake of the customer’s business. Furthermore, Jarkko says that it’s now easier for the customer to evaluate its own work, to see what effect and value the social media has for them. Also, the customer will properly understand how different conversations affect the brand, what influencers are discussing about it and more importantly: in what tone.



Jarkko Vepsäläinen, Head of Strategy, Sitrus


Digital Marketing, Social Media

Key Benefits

  • Overview of the total earned social media conversation and its value
  • Development of customers’ own social media efforts, setting up KPI’s
  • Insight into key influencers’ conversation around the brands
  • Insight into whether conversations around brands are positive or not