Case: Vaasan

Vaasan and The ROI of Social Media

“I do recommend InsightsAtlas service! It brings great value, since the analytics does not only measure numerical things, but also quality. Together they paint a complete picture. This allows you to get reliable and comprehensive insight into your social media activities.”

Minna Cousins, Commercial Director, Vaasan

Situation Overview

Vaasan Ltd is a Finnish bakery company that also operates in the Baltic countries. The company has been baking in Finland since 1849, and its product range consists of bread and other bakery products. Its most known brands in Finland are Vaasan Ruispalat, Vaasan Taika and Vaasan Isopaahto.

Minna Cousins, currently working as Commercial Director at Vaasan, has a strong track record within FMCG marketing and sales for over 20 years. She has worked with brands such as Vileda, Tupla, Sisu, Jenkki, Lambi and Serla in companies such as Freudenberg, Leaf (Cloetta) and Metsä-Tissue before Vaasan.

The Challenge

The company has been investing considerably in social media lately, and its own activity has also risen. With these efforts and investments in social media and digital overall, came some new challenges as well. The biggest challenge for Vaasan was to measure the data and information coming from all the different sources, with different frequencies.

According to Minna, there are plenty of providers for (social media) analytics and tools on the market, but many of them were only able to offer analysis comprising for Vaasan currently secondary metrics, such as “reach/frequency” and other numerical indicators, telling basically only the cost of a posting but not the quality of it.

The Solution

InsightsAtlas’ ability to measure the sentiment of conversations correctly was a determinative factor when choosing the analytics provider. For Vaasan, it is crucial to get accurate insight into the social media conversations regarding their brand, and especially to analyze the true sentiment of conversations. In short, the company wanted to know whether the conversations regarding the brand are positive or negative, as well as how the sentiment develops over time and what effect it has.

As for the main tangible benefits of the InsightsAtlas analytics, Minna mentions the sentiment analysis again, which plays a great role for the company in order to gain comprehensive social insight.

“We are learning which conversation topics are working, and which are not – what themes are creating conversations and get the consumers to react and engage. Simply put, which posts work.”

Social Media and ROI

“Thanks to InsightsAtlas’ analytics, Vaasan’s social media visibility, as well as the amount of messages written about them, have increased. The sentiment of conversations has also been on the rise towards a more positive direction.”

The KPI reports have been very useful for the company. We want to keep developing these KPI metrics in the future too with the help of InsightsAtlas service, says Minna.

“Yet, it’s not only the Marketing Department of the company that has benefited from the InsightsAtlas service. InsightsAtlas’ analytics has been important for other areas as well, when looking from a broader corporate perspective.”

The usage of analytics is still at an early stage and the correct indicators are starting to get their shape. However, according to Minna, the analytics is a very cost-effective way of learning how to communicate with the consumers:

“When speaking of sales, there are many factors driving it, particularly now that the bakery industry is at a turning point. Still, social media and the insights derived from it are an important part of the whole package. Especially when speaking of new product launches and campaigns, social media, as well as other digital marketing activities, have a central role in sales.”

Thoughts On The Future

Social media and social media analytics have a central role in our future as well. At the moment, we are only at the beginning of the journey. We look forward to continuing on this path, together with InsightsAtlas, and keep learning more as further analytical evidence accrues, Minna adds.





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Minna Cousins, Commercial Director
at Vaasan