Case: Veikkaus

Why Did Veikkaus Choose InsightsAtlas?

“Veikkaus is using generic Finnish words as part of its business vocabulary and content. It was a very laborious process for them, trying to find any relevant messages and information regarding their brand. For a simple robot, this was also impossible to interpret. Therefore, they needed a service that would be able to find and analyze the relevant content, and InsightsAtlas offered the best solution for that specific need.”

Situation Overview

Veikkaus is a Finnish lottery for Finnish players. The company offers high quality gaming entertainment reliably and responsibly, and contributes its total proceeds to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, which distributes them further to Finnish arts, sports, science, and youth work.

The Challenge

Because of the company’s large clientele in Finland, the content produced by its customers has a great impact and influence on the company’s brand and image.

The biggest challenge for Veikkaus was the Finnish language. The names of their products, which are in Finnish, caused problems. The tracking done by the robots, as in the machines, caused so called noise. The tracking wasn’t being effective and it was challenging for the company to find any essential content.

“Veikkaus needed reliable monitoring, without any unnecessary noise.”

The Solution

The co-operation between Veikkaus and InsightsAtlas has only just begun, which means that everything is still at an early stage. However, the company is looking forward to what is to come, and excited to get the comprehensive brand insight InsightsAtlas is providing, namely insight into their customers’ own opinions, in their own voices.

InsightsAtlas will take care of the company’s whole social listening and tracking and provide the company with comprehensive reports, with all the needed material covered. The reports present honest and reliable results, which also make it easier for the company to make the right decisions.

The reports give valuable information on trends, as well as explanations to different events and peaks in the discussions, also presenting whether the tone of the discussion is positive or not. As the reports serve like a window for observing the influence digital brand ambassadors have on the company, Veikkaus will also get insight into its key influencers on social media.

Thoughts On The Future

So far, InsightsAtlas has been listening and tracking what the customers say about the brand on social media. The next step for Veikkaus is trying to figure out how they can develop and improve their business according to the feedback from the customers. According to the results of the reports, Veikkaus then interprets what serves their customers best.

“The learning process is continuously developing, which was another reason why Veikkaus chose InsightsAtlas and its service.”





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