Case: Yellow Film & TV

Yellow Film & TV Enhances Social Insight With InsightsAtlas

“Thanks to InsightsAtlas’ reports, we’ve gotten insight into our own development areas. How could we have developed the show? We’ve gotten valuable tips on what works, what we should do, how to keep the conversation up, as well as how to continue the interaction with the audience.”

Saija Viitala, Communications Manager, Yellow Film & TV

Situation Overview

Yellow Film & TV is a Finnish independent and award winning production company. The company produces movies, scripted and non-scripted TV shows, as well as sport productions. Among their famous movie productions Lapland Odyssey (Napapiirin Sankarit), Ganes and Sel8nne can be listed. Popular TV shows are Comedy Combat (Putous), Nurses (Syke), Pyjama Party (Siskonpeti) and Good News Bad News (Hyvät ja Huonot Uutiset), to name a few.

Saija Viitala, currently working as a Communications Manager at Yellow Film & TV, has solid experience in communications and digital media.

The Challenge

As for any company on social media, it’s challenging to follow the conversations regarding the own brand, as well as to know what people really discuss about the products and services offered. For Yellow Film & TV, it was crucial to track their productions on social media. Another challenging part was to measure the social media value.

When it comes to the analytics, the biggest challenge for Yellow Film & TV was to distinguish between noise and relevant data on social media. As Saija describes it:

“It was difficult to separate the company’s own content and news shares by press versus the meaningful content created by the audience. What information is relevant, and what is not?” 

The Solution

InsightsAtlas has provided Yellow Film & TV with comprehensive reports regarding three of their TV productions: Comedy Combat, Pyjama Party and The Downshifters (Downshiftaajat). The social media tracking of the three productions was done on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The personal activity of the actors on social media was also analyzed for the TV show Comedy Combat.

The reports have given valuable information and an outside perspective on the real conversation regarding the TV shows:

“It’s a brutally honest external audit, that shows how a specific production is received by the audience.”

Saija emphasizes and praises the outside, unbiased standpoint:

“You don’t feel cheated. The reports have confirmed what we also expected, namely that the activity of the actors is still at a very early stage. The majority of the post regarding the productions was actually created by the fans.”

Saija also tells that the press wrote in their headlines that the fans of Comedy Combat were disappointed on the show, when in fact the actual social media data and statistics show the opposite.

Thoughts On The Future

As for the future, Saija highlights the importance of measuring the value of social media conversations. She predicts that social media analytics and the ability to demonstrate the social ROI, i.e. the value of social media activity and visibility vs. spent money in dollars, will gain an even more significant role in the future. This is also something that will produce tangible value to the company’s business partners.

Finally, Saija speaks warmly of our co-operation:

“Today, very few companies keep an active dialogue with the customer. The customer is easily forgotten as soon as the customer is acquired. However, with InsightsAtlas, it’s been the opposite. The co-operation has been very personalized”.



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