Measuring Influencer Marketing

InsightsAtlas Influencer Analysis Dashboard

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is, as defined in Wikipedia, a form of marketing where the focus is placed on specific individual rather than your whole target market. By cooperating with individuals that may have influence towards your potential buyers, you can reach and affect more target audience to ultimately purchase your products or services.


The question is, how can you make sure that the efforts you put into the cooperation with key individuals/influencers are bearing fruit? This is where influencer analysis comes into play. Tracking and measuring the right activities is extremely crucial in achieving both yours and influencers’ goals. You can start improving and optimizing your activities only after you have the right influencer analytics in place.

Customized Analytics

InsightsAtlas provides comprehensive continuous analysis through its online dashboard, as well as tailor-made reports, by our dedicated analyst team, as frequently as you need it, that outline various metrics related to your influencers’ social activities. We also provide detailed consultation as to how influencer marketing can be optimized based on the analyzed data.

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How Influencer Analysis Works

  1. Identify who can be the best influencers for your brand and map out the top 20 for instance.
  2. Analyze the top influencers – i.e. what type of themes are involved with those influencers, how much visibility and brand value a specific influencer have, what is their actual performance in terms of your brand related themes.
  3. Track and analyze influencers’ social media activities and actual performance and provide continuous reporting on how your influencers have been active in promoting your brand about specific topic/products and how effective they have been.

What do we track, measure, and analyze?

  1. The amount of activity and visibility generated by the influencers per cross-platform basis (not just follower count!).
  2. Effect on brand awareness and sales.
  3. Which events or actions have driven positive or negative discussions, and why.
InsightsAtlas Influencer Analysis

Is it time to re-think your influencer marketing strategy?

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