Social Media Analytics Services

We provide a comprehensive continuous analysis as a Service through our online dashboard, as well as tailor-made reports, by our dedicated analyst team.

Brand Visibility Metrics

Do you know how much visibility your brand related conversations get in social media?

Organic Conversation Metrics

How much people talk about your brand and other topics that you are interested?

Sentiment Analysis

What exactly are your customer talking about your brand? In what sentiment?


ROI measurement

Do you spend in social media marketing but can't measure the exact results? We will do it for you.

Partner Benchmarking

Does you brand have partnerships? How much they spread good about your brand in social media?

Influencer Analysis

How does your influencers actually promote you? How well they perform? Does it feel hard to find the right influencers to partner with?


Competitor Benchmarking

What are your competitors doing better in Social Media? Do you want to know their secrets?


Social Media Consultation

Don't know what to do? We have seen it all and know what works and what to avoid.

Audience Response

What kind of effect does the social conversations have in your sales?

Social Media Alerts

Missed a major event in social? Good, bad or ugly, our alerts will let you know before it's too late.

Trend Tracking

What is the hottest things right now within your target audience?

Demographic Analysis

Who are talking about your brand? Where are they from? Men or women? When to sell them?

Landscape Tracking

What about the whole industry related conversations? What happens there?

Social Media Monitoring

Do you spend too much time to on irrelevant content or cleaning the data? Would you like to see just the relevant content?

Brand Health Index

How healthy is your brands reputation right now?

Crisis Management

Do you know how to respond to a crisis online?