[How to Know if Your Sentiment Score is Reliable or Not] Your brand’s social sentiment score must be accurate because it helps you formulate your marketing strategy to increase sales revenue. 

How you grade on sentiment score of your brand on social media can either help increase sales or bring unforeseen crisis. So what is social sentiment and why is it so difficult to get accurate scoring?

[What is “noise” on social media?] Are you sure you are filtering out “noise” data from social media analytics results? Unless you do, you will be basing your marketing and social media strategy on biased and inaccurate data.

Evil Social Media Bots – They can attack your brand at any time. They can fool you into partnering with low-quality influencers, damage your brand image, and distort your social media analytics results.

Public Response Analysis is a combination of social media and sales analytics, provided by InsightsAtlas and PwC Finland. Janne Sergejeff, Senior Manager of Data Analytics & IT Security Audits at PwC Finland, explains about the service in the video.

Helping Nordea Understand Social Media Data with Human Intelligence and Tailored Service
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Sports marketing and utilization of athletes and clubs as influencers are becoming increasingly popular for increasing brand awareness. Arto Kuuluvainen, expert in sports marketing, discusses how social media has brought new opportunities to sports as well as to products and brands, but also challenges. Read also Arto Kuuluvainen’s guest blog: https://insightsatlas.com/sports-marketing/