Having united human intelligence with technology, InsightsAtlas is the only service on the market capable of interpreting complicated data including:

Social Media Analytics

1. Understanding visual content

It’s essential to deploy humans to interpret images. A picture is worth a thousand words and computers understands only some of those.

Social Media Analytics

2. Understanding natural language

Ppl dig what folx say way better than comptuers #commmppuuutttteeeer. Great examples of this are sarcasm, irony, slang, mispelled words and different languages.

Social Media Analytics

3. Understanding the unexpected

“Orange is the new black”. Social media is consisted of short-term phenomenon and things change their meaning frequently. Computers usually misinterpret this rapidly evolving social environment.

With InsightsAtlas you get

Do you want to get access to insights about your brand?


InsightsAtlas explained

The solution eliminates the 3 biggest challenges, enabling to measure the true ROI of social.

Social Media Analytics

Proprietary method for removal of noise from social conversations (60-80 % of data).

Social Media Analytics

The ability to interpret complicated data contextually; pictures, videos, sarcasm, irony etc.

Social Media Analytics

True multi-language support provided by native in-market analysts.

Our offering

Brand Visibility Metrics

Do you know how much visibility your brand related conversations get in social media?

Organic Conversation Metrics

How much people talk about your brand and other topics that you are interested?

Sentiment Analysis

What exactly are your customer talking about your brand? In what sentiment?


ROI measurement

Do you spend in social media marketing but can't measure the exact results? We will do it for you.

Partner Benchmarking

Does you brand have partnerships? How much they spread good about your brand in social media?

Influencer Analysis

How does your influencers actually promote you? How well they perform? Does it feel hard to find the right influencers to partner with?


Competitor Benchmarking

What are your competitors doing better in Social Media? Do you want to know their secrets?


Social Media Consultation

Don't know what to do? We have seen it all and know what works and what to avoid.

Audience Response

What kind of effect does the social conversations have in your sales?

Social Media Alerts

Missed a major event in social? Good, bad or ugly, our alerts will let you know before it's too late.

Trend Tracking

What is the hottest things right now within your target audience?

Demographic Analysis

Who are talking about your brand? Where are they from? Men or women? When to sell them?

Landscape Tracking

What about the whole industry related conversations? What happens there?

Social Media Monitoring

Do you spend too much time to on irrelevant content or cleaning the data? Would you like to see just the relevant content?

Brand Health Index

How healthy is your brands reputation right now?

Crisis Management

Do you know how to respond to a crisis online?

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Don’t just take our word for it, read the stories below:


Jarkko Vepsäläinen, Head of Strategy at Sitrus

“We’ve had a great cooperation with InsightsAtlas. I was looking for a service that could realize and implement the insight of social media used for business. I feel their service has clearly been the best one offered on the market. InsightsAtlas was the only one that was able to execute the task of analyzing the data. Quality wise, the service is superb, it frees resources, which enables me to do a better work for my clients.”

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Saija Viitala, Communications Manager at Yellow Film & TV

“Thanks to InsightsAtlas’ reports, we’ve gotten insight into our own development areas. How could we have developed the show? We’ve gotten valuable tips on what works, what we should do, how to keep the conversation up, as well as how to continue the interaction with the audience.”

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Minna Cousins, Commercial Director at Vaasan

“I do recommend InsightsAtlas service! It brings great value, since the analytics does not only measure numerical things, but also quality. Together they paint a complete picture. This allows you to get reliable and comprehensive insight into your social media activities.”

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Arto Kuuluvainen, Senior Client Service Manager at M3 Research

“Clubs, managers and agents, with the help of InsightsAtlas service, can bring strong, additional arguments to contract negotiations. Of course, I would also recommend it for well-informed marketing decision makers, who want to know how their sponsored athletes or clubs are getting social media visibility and engagement. Especially when the sports influencers are used as brand ambassadors.”

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“We are using generic Finnish words as part of our business vocabulary and content. It was a very laborious process for us, trying to find any relevant messages and information regarding our brand. For a simple robot, this was also impossible to interpret. Therefore, we needed a service that would be able to find and analyze the relevant content, and InsightsAtlas offered the best solution for that specific need.”

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And many more….

I also want to base
my decisions on reliable, unbiased data.