Understanding Your Audiences’ Sentiment

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is, simply put, understanding how people “feel” about you. By knowing this, companies and brands can leverage the information to alter their communication strategy or to recognize events that may need to be addressed before it becomes a full-blown crisis. On the other hand, companies can, in various ways, capitalize on things that seem to be creating more positive buzz within their target audience.

Sentiment Analysis answers to questions like below:

  • How do your customers feel about your brand?

  • What is the opinion about your brand against your competitors?

  • What are the latest trends related to your brand?

3 main challenges companies face related to Sentiment Analysis:

1. Removal of noise

Social data often contains companies’ own posts and comments, which are of course either positive or neutral in nature. These own postings must be omitted in analysis as irrelevant data to get the real data from customers. The problem is that most social media analytics tools in the market do not rule out all unnecessary data and thus significantly flaw the outcome of analysis.

2. Understanding natural language

Even highly-advanced computer algorithms are not able to interpret complicated data, such as sarcasm, irony, slang, mispelled words, and different languages. Social conversations are full of these.

2. Understanding visual content

More than 90% of social posts contain images and videos or other metadata. When that is combined with complicated text, none of the traditional social media analytics tools in the market can analyze the true sentiment or meaning of the postings.

Customized Analytics

InsightsAtlas provides comprehensive continuous analysis through its online dashboard, as well as tailor-made reports, by our dedicated analyst team, as frequently as you need it, that outline various metrics related to your brand’s sentiment.

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Why Sentiment Analysis Fails

Sentiment Analysis done by generic analytics tools typically fail. Download our free eGuide to learn more.

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How Sentiment Analysis Works

InsightsAtlas Sentiment Analysis
  • We purify data by using proprietary in-house developed technology that removes all noise (irrelevant data) from social conversations (according to research, typically 60-80% of all data).

  • Our community of in-market analysts, in seamless cooperation with advanced computer algorithms, provides accurate interpretation of complicated social data always in the right context; images, videos, sarcasm, irony, multiple languages, etc.

What do you get by using InsightsAtlas Sentiment Analysis?

  • Unbiased and objective overview of your defined and preferred topics, such as your brand or products (both within and outside of your own social medial channels).

  • How much visibility and media value of your defined topics is generated and in what tone.

  • Segmentation of positive, neutral, and negative posts, without irrelevant data.

  • Which events, actions or individuals have driven positive or negative discussions, and why.

  • Insights into how your marketing and communication strategy should be modified.

  • …. and more!

Is it time to re-think your social media strategy?

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